Guess What Day It Is…Hump Day #SFBW2017 Style


Comments are off Jan 25, 2017 #SFBW2017, Bar Red Beard, Barrel of Monks, Due South, Girl Scout Cookies, saltwater, South Florida Beer Week

Steady chugging along (train reference, get your head out of the gutter) for South Florida Beer Week, and it’s only mid-week! If Tuesday wasn’t enough for you, then maybe we can be of a little assistance. Come out and celebrate South Florida Beer Week with us, and don’t forget to tag @SouthFloridaBeerWeek to show everyone what they are missing.
  • Swing by Due South Brewing to enjoy your favorite Girl Scout cookies paired with excellent locally crafted beer.  Starting at 5:00pm, come help support Troop 20177 and join us for a sweeter version of #SFBW2017. It's also In The Bizz Happy Hour. Work for a distributor, brewery, bar, or restaurant?
  • Fresh from St. Petersburg, Green Bench Brewing Co. is hosting their Foeder Beer Event with the Brewhouse Gallery in Lake Park, FL.  Starting at 6:00pm, they will be featuring: Le blanc Belge, Saison de Noir (with plum), Bench Beer, Sunshine City, Postcard Pilsner, Palladium Porter and Saison de Ver (with cranberry).
  • Looking to work those brain muscles?  What? Trivia. Where?  Saltwater Brewing.  When? 7:00pm.  Who? You.
  • It's not just in Delray, want some Trivia in Broward? Bar Red Beard's got their Trivia as well. Geeks Who Drink hosts up this fun time!
  • College Appreciation Night and Sausage Night at Barrel of Monks Brewing. 50% off with valid student ID, and Grace’s Fine Foods on sight.
  • PLUS we've got a long list of week-long events happening all over South Florida. Check out our calendar for details
Remember to share your South Florida Beer Week memories with us #SFBW2017 and drink responsibly.