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The best way to build new fans

South Florida is a hotbed for craft brewing. The craft fan base continues to grow and is fueled by the opening and success of local and regional breweries. Not to mention new east coast distribution for many national and west coast breweries have also contributed to the growth. And smack in the middle of all this action is Grovetoberfest. Each year the festival lives up to the hype with more and more breweries and beer… all the while staying true to our craft roots. We continue to make the culinary and educational aspects of the festival as important any any other. We have a year-round presence with the consumers via our free beer tastings, contests and sister-event Sprung! in March. There is no better way to reach the consumer than at Grovetoberfest.

Participating as a brewery includes:

  • 10×10 Space in the park with table and chairs
  • Tent provided by festival if you do not have one
  • Ice, tasting cups, napkins
  • Bar back/runner
  • Volunteer for pouring help (limited availability)
  • Beer/Brewery name and logo on all festival collateral
  • 6,500 beer fans!

download brewey package

There is no cost to participate!