Free Tasting #1: Dollar Foolish

Dollar Foolish, I could write this invitation and joke about a dozen relevant topics. It would be super easy to jump on Trump, but those are overdone already and passé. Jokes about the hurricane could be callous; although I have a history with callous and insensitive emails. I could write about us going back to the Grove. Although exciting news, not really funny. Then I thought to myself, “Why be funny at all? Why not be creepy? I can do creepy.” So for the first time ever, we are hosting a creepy beer tasting. Now we are not saying that The Tank Brewing Company is creepy–far from it. And I am not saying I, myself, am creepy. If you’ve met me you’d find I’m quite charming. And craft beer isn’t creepy either. What is creepy is how many people come out to these free tastings. I mean, come on… nothing is ever free, is it? And yet we post these invitations up and people show. That’s a bit creepy. And something else that’s creepy is Miami’s traffic. So make sure you get to The Tank on time. Like always, we limit to the first 75 people who have RSVPs to the Facebook event AND show up. The Tank is located smack in the middle of Doral at 5100 NW 72nd Ave. We’ll get things going at 6pm. Beers will all be creepy and cold. We promise. –Tony Albelo CEO, SWARM

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