Announcing: Lincoln’s Beard Brewery at Grovetoberfest

Breweries in the South FL area have been on the come up the past few years but having one so close to home in the SW Miami area was unheard of until Lincoln’s Beard brewing popped up.   The venue itself reminds me of an old western saloon, with the venue being mostly wood, two floors, beer barrels as tables, a bar top made of pennies, and a huge patio area. Lincoln’s has their own beer selection as well as local brews to enjoy.   With a great selection, delicious tap offerings, and plenty of their own creations rotating regularly, the Beard has become a must-stop location for beer snobs and chuggers alike.   I tried two lagers from the brewery; the first was the Nunchuk Skills House Ale, which has hints of citrus and sweet orange peel.   The second one I tried was the Big Whiskey Barrel-Aged Brown, which is aged in a Distilled Whiskey Barrel. I believe this is their strongest beer at 8.1%–only for the strong and brave. Would definitely recommend this one as well!

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