The thirst is strong with J. Wakefield Brewery!

After over 2 years in business, Johnathan Wakefield’s craft brewery in Wynwood has turbocharged South Florida’s place in the craft beer world. Head brewer Maria Cabré says being one of floridas first female brewers wont distract her from what really matters”If you are kick-ass, then you are kick-ass, regardless of whether you are male or female. I’m a brewer first and foremost. All that matters is if you have drive, talent, and initiative.” Today, Cabré is responsible for creating several treatments that are now some of the brewery’s best known beers, including the Haterade Stush, Orange Dreamsicle Berliner, and Emperor’s Cloud green tea IPA. With plenty of national beer awards to their name, J. Wakefield consistently serves up some of the best craft brews in the area, direct from its Star Wars-themed brewery and tap room in Miami Wynwood neighborhood. El Jefe, a German Hefeweizen brewed with coconut flakes, is a long-time favorite here, but the special releases are what you need to keep an eye out for. Enjoy the best brews Wynwoods breweries have to offer at this years Octoberfest!

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