Unbranded Brewing Co.

Ever heard of a brewery coming out of Hialeah? Founder/brewer Zach Swanson and operating partner Julian Uribe plan on opening up Unbranded Brewing Co. Hialeah’s very first brewery! Their name comes from Swanson’s great great grandfather Samuel Augustus Maverick a cattle rancher who left his cattle unbranded naming them “mavericks” which at the time was unheard of. After years anyone who refused to follow the crowd was called this. Carrying on the tradition, Unbranded Brewing looks to steer away from the crowd of brewers and preconceived notions. Originally from Houston, the longtime home-brewer won the 2014 North Carolina Brewer’s Cup Silver Medal for his Nutjob brown ale, and best hop-forward beer at the 2015 Grovetoberfest for his Tailgate session IPA. Once Unbranded opens, Swanson said he hopes it will bring more traffic to the Leah Arts District, similar to how the opening of the Funky Buddha Brewery in Oakland Park made that old industrial district a popular hangout. 

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