Giving up free time never tasted so good.

You’ve thought about being a volunteer and leading a life of service to others. Being a meter-maid didn’t quite do it for you and the Peace Corps was just too much of a commitment. Well, we have a great volunteer opportunity for you at Grovetoberfest. You can both fill your need to serve others and be surrounded by great beer. Of course you realize this is a volunteer position and legally we can’t pay you, but you will get a nifty t-shirt, some other random swag and maybe some left over product (and yes, that means beer). We only have a limited number of spots open, and they are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Rub elbows with the beer industry, gain great insight on to what goes on behind the scenes of a beer festival. Just fill out the form and you’ll get an email with the details. Good luck!

Volunteering at Grovetoberfest changed my life.
-Kim Kardashian

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